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Harden & Draw / Quench & Temper

This is the thermal process used to increase the strength and hardness of steel. It is achieved by heating the material to the correct austenitizing temperature and then holding for a certain amount of time to achieve partial or complete transformation to martensite, then quench a suitable medium. Tempering improves ductility and toughness. Reheating the material to a temperature below the transformation range then cooling under the correct temperature is known as Tempering. 


Masking is used to avoid Carburizing on an area of the material. The process of painting of a No-Carb Paint is used.

Deep Freeze (Cryogenic)

This process is when you expose the material to suitable subzero temperatures to obtain conditions such as dimensional or micro-structural stability.

Stress Relieving

This process is used to reduce internal residual stresses in a metal object. It is completed by heating the object to a suitable temperature and holding for a certain amount of time at the same temperature. This is followed by cooling slowly to lessen the creation of new residual stresses. This process may be used to relieve stresses caused by casting, quenching, normalizing, machining, welding, or cold working.

100% InspectionHeat Treated Metal

In a job that has to be heat treated, this is the hardness testing.


Paperwork showing the customer’s specifications and the heat treating process performed.

Furnace Charts

This is the information collected by the furnaces as the loads are being heat treated.


Per customer specification, the Brass material will be heat treated.

Age Hardening/Aging/Precipitation Hardening

In the properties of certain alloys, there is a time-temperature-dependent change. There is a unique range of time-temperature combinations to which it will respond for each alloy susceptible to aging.


This is a thermal treatment involving the heating to a certain temperature above the transformation range and then cooling in still air. This is done as a preparation for further heat treatment, or to improve toughness or machinability.


Thermal cycle consisting of heating to, and holding a suitable temperature and then cooling it at a certain rate for the purpose of hardness reduction, improving machinability, facilitating cold working, obtaining a desired mechanical or other properties, or producing a desired microstructure.

Air Hardening & Oil/Water Tool Steel

This requires the heat treating of different types of tool steel.


Carburizing is a process that involves the absorption and diffusion of carbon into a solid ferrous alloy by heating it to a temperature above the upper transformation temperature of the specific alloy. Heating is done in a carbonaceous environment.

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